1. We’re sure you’ve heard of this Black Moon nonsense that’s happening tonight and you’re probably wondering what the heck a Black Moon actually is. We’re here to fill you in. A Black Moon is the phase of the moon during which its Earth-facing side lies completely in shadow- AKA it appears as if there’s no moon. It can’t really be called a sighting, since you can’t actually see it but still- head outside tonight with any drink of choice and marvel at the moonless sky tonight.
  2. For all the Netflix lovers out there- we have some bad news. The beloved series, Psych, is leaving Netflix on October 1. So in honor of Shawn and Gus, we highly encourage one last binge sesh accompanied by a drinking game. Along with this quick-witted dreamed, Back to the Future, Mr. Deed, The Exorcist, Erin Brockovich, My Girl and more are also leaving Netflix. But don’t fret- this means they’re making more room to add new shows and movies very soon!
  3. Saturday marks the first day of October, which means Halloween is like, tomorrow, right? No matter how old you are, you can’t help but love Halloween. Costumes, booze, candy and parties- how can you NOT enjoy this holiday? It’s important to have a creative and hopefully original costume. So get your drinking- I mean thinking- caps on and start planning that costume everyone will want to copy!
  4. On a sadder note, Jose Fernandez passed away this past week in a tragic boating accident. We want to pay tribute to this amazing 24 year-old all-star pitcher. When you crack a brew open this weekend, give a little toast to him, his family and his FL Marlin teammates. He will be greatly missed.
  5. The presidential debates have started and neither candidate is holding back. This is one of the most crucial elections our country has ever seen. Which means voting is more important than ever. Make sure you register to vote whether you’re with her or you want to make America great again. Every vote matters! So continue watching these debates, brew in hand, as you witness history take place this debate season!