We’re not the type of people who need a reason to drink. If we’re breathing that’s reason enough. But for those who need more, here you go:

1. ALCS: The Royals and Orioles series begins tonight. So what if your team didn’t make it to October this year? There’s plenty of room on the bandwagon.

2. Ghostbusters: It’s official: Paul Feig is making a 3rd Ghostbusters movie with a cast of TBA funny ladies. And if there happens to be a Bill Murray cameo? We won’t complain.

3. Amanda Bynes: She’s back on the scene and breaking our hearts. Let’s drink to the memory of happier times filled with kid-friendly movies and Moody’s Point.

4. Freak Show: The new season of American Horror Story premiered on Wednesday. It was creepy and messed up and we are still having nightmares. If you’re planning to catch up this weekend, you might want to pour yourself a drink first.

5. Hockey Season: It’s here. Grab a beer.