giphy-1We’re not the type of people who need a reason to drink. If we’re breathing that’s reason enough. But for those who need more, here you go:

1. Two weeks until the 2016 Summer Olympics Games: Are you ready to see Aly Raisman lead the new Fierce Five? See Michael Phelps win a possible 19th Gold medal? Or even Usain Bolt compete in his 4th Olympic games? Celebrate the success and hard work of all of your favorite athletes with a brew in hand. Let the countdown begin…

2. In Honor of the continued Kimye v. T. Swift Chaos: We just can’t look away, and we’re sure you can’t either. The ongoing saga of Kanye’s lyrics about T. Swift in his new song “Famous” has gotten everyone in a tizzy. In honor of Kanye being his controversial, rapping self – drink up.

3. Happy Birthday David Spade: Tip your glass for the ever so funny David Spade turning 52 today. For all of his performances from Saturday Night Live to Curb Your Enthusiasm, his birthday is definitely a reason to drink and have a fun evening this Friday.

4. Netflix is making another segment of “Making a Murderer”: The documentary that no one could stop watching is returning, complete with more of the twists and turns of Stephen Avery’s mysterious situation. Get ready to be mind blown. Sip on something tonight so you can spend the upcoming Friday nights on the couch watching this addicting documentary.

5. Cope with the 1-year count down until Game of Thrones: For all of you GOT lovers, we are sorry for your loss. Having to wait a whole year before seeing the next chapter of the GOT story must be pretty tough. It will be a long year, but one way of getting your mind off of it is pouring it up tonight.