We’re not the type of people who need a reason to drink. If we’re breathing that’s reason enough. But for those of you who need more, here you go:


  1. Beer Can Appreciation Day: It’s easy to drink, keeps our beer cold and comes in a 30 pack. Pay homage to the beer can today.
  2. Grammys: Looks like Beiber won’t be attending. Make a few drinks and try to figure out Gaga’s outfit choice.
  3. PGA: The 2014 golf season is officially underway. Sounds like the perfect excuse for some (tipsy) Arnold Palmers.
  4. Jonah Hill: The star revealed this week that he did his role in Wolf of Wall Street for a mere $60,000. Cheers to you Jonah.
  5. Polar Vortex: Aka winter. Whatever you call it, we’re over it. Curl up with a bottle of wine and a blanket.