As you very well know, we love getting drunk just as much as the next guy. And most of the time, it’s the whole experience that brings us joy. We choose our drinks wisely and love nursing them to really absorb as much flavor as possible. However, truth be told, sometimes we get lazy. Every now and then, we just want to get drunk quickly and with minimal effort.

Alas, behold the guidelines we follow to do just that.

1. Loose the extra liquid
It’s simple; mixing straight alcohol with a powdered mixer will get you drunk. Fast. Instead of diluting your liquor with more liquid, adding a powder mix will just mask the alcohol-y taste of of your alcohol, allowing you to drink it straight. For starters, try these combos:

A Shot of C


2. Mix and match
This is pretty obvious, but worth mentioning nonetheless. It sounds gross, but turns out that there are actually some pretty tasty ways to do it.

Cider with a Kick

Luck of the Irish

3. Go Up and Down
This one treads the fine line between fun and destructive. However, adding just the right amount of caffeine can give you just the boost you need to make your night legendary. But please, stay away from Four Lokos.

Boom Goes the Jager

Electrolyte Party

4. Feel the freeze
Buy yourself a slurpee from 7/11, add a few nips, and call it a day.

5. Can it
Whoever invented the canned cocktail is most likely the next Messiah, so swallow your pride, along with some delicious (aluminum-tainted) booze.

Not Your Grandma’s Seltzer

Point Us In the Right Direction

Unfortunately, all of these drinks require you to get off of the couch. But not much more than that. Drink on.