After a 5+ mile hike in the dead of summer, every camper wants a cold one. But what they don’t want is to lug a cooler of cold ones up a mountain.

So we’re going to help out you wilderness gals and guys with a list of cocktails you can make while you’re living off the land.


1. A Very Old Fashioned

That orange you attain the trail? Save the peel. Spotted a mint plant? Pick some leaves. When you arrive at your campsite, crush the peel and leaves on the bottom of a solo cup with a spoon. Add sugar if you’ve got some packets laying around, or just a little fruit juice. Then add bourbon and a splash of cold mountain spring water for Mother’s Nature’s version of an Old Fashioned. Full recipe here:

2. The Maple Leaf

Almost every camper has a pack of powdered lemonade lying around. First, make pitcher of that powdery goodness. Next, if you’re really woodsy, find some maple syrup or honey on God’s green earth, or just grab some from your pancake stash if you were just like: UM WHAT when you read the first part of this sentence. All you have to do now is pour a few fingers of bourbon, a little lemonade and a drizzle of syrup into a cup and you’ve got yourself a Maple Leaf of the adult variety. Full recipe here:

3. Boozy Toasted Marshmallows

You’re kids are toasting marshmallows over the campfire with sheer kid-like joy. And you’re kind of jealous. Marshmallows just don’t do it for you like they once did. Until now. To fully enjoy your campfire experience, all you have to do is toast your marshmallow then drunk it into a cup full of Baileys Irish Cream. The marshmallow becomes adult-delicious and your cup of Baileys gets even sweeter. Full recipe here:

4. Campsite Sangria

Put all that hiking to good use. Before you leave your house, grab a pitcher with a lid and fill that suckers up with any kind of fruit you want, we recommend whatever’s in season. Fill 1/4 of the pitcher with vodka, and then fill the rest of the pitcher with wine (whatever you have lying around in fine). Close and secure the lid and add it to your pack. Once you’ve reached your campsite, all the huffing and puffing you did up the mountain will have shaken up your sangria and released some of the juices from the fruit. Add some Fresca for taste and enjoy! Full recipe here:

5. Adult Capri Suns

Make these at your campsite, or beforehand if you want to sip while you hike. All you have to do is mix a few sugar packets with water. Cook over the mixture over the campfire to make simple syrup (cook until the mixture is clear). Next, combine the syrup with 8 cups of water, lemon juice, and vodka. Stir to combine. Last but not least, pour the liquid into Ziploc sandwich bags leaving some room at the top of the bag. When you’re ready to imbibe, just trick a straw into your baggie and sip away! Full recipe here: