It’s well known that a good beer can only get better when paired with some good food. Anything from a burger to a salad can make our drinking experience become the full package. And what’s the optimal form that this nourishment can take? Bar snacks.

“Bar snacks” is a food category of its own. In no other setting can we order four mini-cheeseburgers, or eat as many handfuls of peanuts as our little hearts desire. Something just feels right when you can devour a conservatively-sized flatbread pizza while looking into your smudged reflection in the behind-the-bar mirror.

But this weekend, let’s take a chance. Instead of surviving off of the free popcorn at the bar around the corner from home, see if you can sample any of these slightly terrifying but dangerously intriguing bar refreshments.

Deviled Eggs: True, deviled eggs are pretty normal. However, while these little snacks can be tasty, it all depends on what goes in them. At NYC’s West Village restaurant, The Spotted Pig, you can order these bad boys with squid tentacles included (pictured above). Not really our cup of tea, but if you’re finding yourself intrigued, go try ‘em out.

Devils on Horseback: We’re sticking with the whole demonic theme with our second nosh. This snack combines Cognac- or Brandy-soaked prunes stuffed with cheese, wraps them in bacon, and hopes for the adventurous soul that will dare to taste this combo. If you’re not totally terrified, head over to Freeman’s on NYC’s Lower East Side and try your luck.

Vobla: While it’s common to eat fish along with a drink or two, try eating one that looks like it just jumped out of the ocean. Vobla is a small, salted and dried fish that bar-eaters are encouraged to peel apart and indulge in alongside their drinks. In the mood for some seafood? Visit KeBeer in Brooklyn to taste this curious snack.

So whether you’re feeling adventurous or not, the next time you see these crazy snacks on the menu, you’ll know what you’re getting yourself into.