What-Its-Like-to-Own-a-Traveling-Cocktail-Bar-road-soda-camp-720x480-inlineYour prayers have been answered: Booze that comes to you! How you ask? Well for now only at your next private party or music festival, but rest assured the drinks may be worth it.

Road Soda is a traveling bar that’s doing just that. Changing the world of how to get you booze, Road Soda is serving patrons everywhere from large music festivals to private parties across the country.

Ben Scorah, the man behind Road Soda, explained to Liquor.com he and his business partner Mark, both from Manchester U.K, put their skills together to start the Road Soda Process. The idea came to Scorah when he attended a large festival a few years ago, and while drinking a bourbon and Coke with no ice and flat Coke, realized there was a lot of work to do in bringing quality cocktails to large events.


Scorah combined his experience in bartending and restaurants with Mark’s extensive logistics, festival production and engineering background to create the dream.

The bars on wheels travels around in style in a  vintage Airstream (or non-motor trailer) from the 1960s. Scorah says the choice was made part for aesthetics, part to avoid powered vehicle break down and part because of America’s crazy laws about open alcohol containers in vehicles.


Transforming the inside of the Airstream, built like an aeroplane, Road Soda has foot pedal taps, shaker rinsers, commercial back-bar refrigeration, a glass chiller, refrigerated drawers, up-and-down-lit shelving, an LCD screen to display menus, a built-in sound system and even a VIP booth to give those really special people a more intimate experience inside the bar.

A fews days in the life for these cocktail connoisseurs involves travel time, an Airbnb check in, collecting ingredients an preparing syrups and between 2,500 and 5,000 cocktails per day for a big event. The two are on the road for weeks and months at a time and have just completed their second Airstream renovations with hopes to bring the concept back home to Europe.

As great as this all sounds are biggest question remains: Do you deliver?