BeersWant to live a little longer? Pour yourself a drink. It may seem backwards, but the idea that drinking is actually good for your health has been circulating for several years. In 2013, a study released by the University of Texas at Austin found that mortality rates were lowest for moderate drinkers—those who enjoyed one to three drinks per day. Even heavy drinkers lived slightly longer than those who never drank. Moderate drinking has been shown to have several benefits, such as circulation and heart health. A study recently released in the European Heart Journal connected the positives of moderate drinking with heart health, saying that drinking up to 7 drinks a week could reduce the rate of heart failure by 20% for men and 16% for women.

Another possible explanation for the longer life expectancy is that social drinkers form strong networks—which are essential for maintaining a healthy mind and body. Nondrinkers were more likely to suffer from depression than those that drink in moderation.  Frequent, heavy drinking or binge drinking is unhealthy and the predisposition for alcoholism should not be discounted, but when consumed in moderation, alcohol has been shown to reduce the risks of cognitive loss or dementia. The risks of consuming alcohol still exist but avoiding alcohol altogether can shorten your life

We know more studies will be conducted and these claims will continue to be debated, but there seems to be significant evidence that tipping one back can help you live longer. So for now, we’ll drink to that!