2016 is bound to hold a few new alcohol-fueled adventures. If you’re a beer lover and already making plans for your next road tip, we highly recommend checking out this new list of America’s Best Beer Cities from SmartAsset. The technology company recently released their list to unveil the top 25 spots beer lovers just might call heaven on earth.

Now we’re sure your wondering what grounds the tech company has to stand on while judging your beloved beer cities. But, it turns out that they used a pretty fool proof judging criteria to determine the top cities. 296 of the largest US cities were graded on the following five nuggets of data.

1. The total number of microbreweries & brewpubs,
2. breweries per capita,
3. bars per capita,
4. the average Yelp score and;
5. the average price of a pint.

After taking all of that into considering, coming in hot at number one is (drumroll please)…Portland, ME. According to SmartAsset “The city is home to 17 microbreweries, one for every 4,000 residents – the highest per capita microbrewery rate of any U.S. city.” In addition to taking the top spot in the list, it is also important to keep in mind that little city is close to several of New England’s best ski resorts. Dare we say it, Portland, ME is now looking like one of the best vacation spots to hit this winter.

However if you’re not interested in making the hike all the way up north, a trip to one of the runner up cities may seem a little bit more appealing!

2.) Asheville, NC: If you’re looking to get the most bang for your buck the average price of a pint in Ashville is $3.25, AND “The city is home to 19 microbreweries and brewpubs, making it one of just two U.S. cities that have fewer than 100,000 residents but more than 10 breweries.”

3.) Portland, OR: It must have something to do with the name, home to 11 microbreweries for every 100,000 residents, Portland houses 68 brewers in total, the most of any city on the list.

4.) Billings, MT: Over in this Mid-Western city there is more than enough watering holes to choose from. Billings offers more than 40 bars for every 2,800 residents”

5.) Denver, CO: Another ski town graces the top of the list. Denver is home to 58 microbreweries and brewpubs earning it the number five spot on the list.

Learn more about the ranking system and check out the top 25 Beer Cities on SmartAssets Blog!