bearhugtequilamain-696x308After a weekend full of Halloween candy, we want to sway from all things sweet and focus on some savory spice. With every pie and cake flavored liquor out there, there is a spicy counterpart to give those who are hankering for something hot a run for their money. With this, we’ve compiled our favorite flaming hot alcohol for you to try, but sip with caution—these spirits are sure to be scorching.

UV Sriracha
Claimed to be a bloody mary’s new best friend, UV Sriracha is made with all natural flavors that add a little spice to any cocktail. Hot, but not too hot, this chili pepper flavored vodka is perfect for when you’re looking for just a hint of heat.

Ballast Point Habanero Sculpin
This habanero pepper infused IPA is one of the best. Having 7% alcohol, this beer’s floral notes mixed with hoppy citrus perfectly balances the habanero’s heat. Although it’s refreshing, this IPA certainly has quite a kick.

Ghost Face Killah
Ideal for those who can handle the heat, Ghost Face Killah beer is infused with dried and smoked ghost peppers, also known as the spiciest pepper in the world. This unique concoction has a soft wheat taste with lingering chili smokiness. We must warn you though, this brew isn’t for the faint hearted—if you can’t handle the heat, keep this beer in the kitchen.

Western Honey Pepper Whiskey
If you’re looking to tone things down a notch, give this handcrafted whiskey a whirl. Beginning with a hint of sweet vanilla and natural clove honey, this whiskey ultimately provides a powerful chili pepper finish. Because it’s prepared in small batches, Western whiskey is able to maintain a rich, full-bodied bourbon flavor complete with a fantastic fiery aftertaste.

Bear Hug Chili Tequila
You’ll spot this premium tequila almost immediately by the chili pepper floating in the bottle. Created with natural ingredients, this tequila is a standard spirit for when you’re trying to take your party to the next level. Break out this Bear Hug infusion to experience the spicy heat of authentic chili pepper—but drink with caution.

Naga Chili Vodka
We’ve saved the spiciest for last. Made by infusing vodka with naga jolokia, one of the spiciest peppers on the planet, this liquor is so hot it comes with its own health warning. Measuring 100,000 Scovilles (based on the international Scoville scale of rating peppers by their heat), naga vodka is the hottest of the hot. We recommend using this spirit in a bloody mary—a shot of the substance might burn your tongue straight off.