Pennsylvanians rejoice. Next time you call to order some pizza and wings you can add a 12-pack of beer to the list. A law was just passed to allow restaurants to deliver beer (no wine or liquor) to their customers.

The only catch is that you have to order over the phone and pay via credit card. We think that’s definitely worth cutting a trip to the liquor store out of your to-do list. They’re capping it at a 12-pack, so you won’t have enough to throw a wild party. But it should be enough to get you and a friend through the football game.

Some storeowners are worried about underage customers taking advantage of this service. One owner even expressed concern for his drivers, saying that they are now at a higher risk for robbery.

With apps like Drizly, we’re seeing alcohol delivery more and more. Here’s hoping that this trend keeps going strong so that our sweatpants can stay on.