The cold fronts are coming in, which means you have plenty of time to get crafty and we suggest doing it with alcohol. As you probably know, after a number of good nights, a collection of bottles begins to grow. Whether you recycle, display along the tops of your cabinets, or keep ‘em where you left ‘em, we have a better idea for you: upcycle your booze bottles.

Learn how to turn your Jack Daniel’s into a soap dispenser, your minis into a string of Christmas lights, your beer bottles into glass cups, or your wine bottle into a lantern. Keep the goods for yourself or bring them as your swap gift. You’re welcome.

Bottle of Jack Soap Dispenser

1. Buy a bottle of Jack
2. Invite friends over
3. Drink the bottle of Jack (with friends)
4. Buy a liquid soap (make sure it has a fancy pump to impress your friends)
5. Pour the soap into the bottle and add the pump

Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

Mini Booze Patio Lights

You’ll need: Floral tape Scissors Mini booze bottles Holiday string light

1. Take floral tape and wrap around individual lights (see link for photos)
2. Repeat for each bulb

Drinking Glass Beer Bottle

This one is for the more advanced pyro. Carefully follow the linked instructions. Again, carefully.

Lantern Lamp Wine Bottle

If you’re confident in your drilling abilities, give this one a go. With this design you can drink up and light up!