With the holidays right around the corner, our minds are on wine. Here’s the latest news in the wine world:


The Wine Spectator Top 100 list is finally out and we can’t wait to stock up on a few bottles. This isn’t just any list. Wines are judged based on quality, value, availability, and overall enthusiasm around the bottle. Top spot went to Cune Rioja Imperial Gran Reserva, a Spanish red wine available for $63. The biggest surprise on the list: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s red wine Miraval ranked #81. So many celebrities launch spirits that crash and burn so we have to give Brangelina credit for having the No. 1 rosé in the world. The wine features flavors of dried red berry, tangerine, and melon and bottles are available for only $28. Well done Mr. and Mrs. Smith.


We’ve all been there. Reaching for aspirin the morning after a few glasses of wine. It turns out the cause for these hangovers may be the all of the non-natural additives and chemicals that are being added to the vino. We’re not into fake ingredients or hangovers so we’ve started drinking natural wines. “Natural wine” is still a pretty new addition to the wine family, but has been gaining momentum in the last few years. In theory natural wine is made from ripe grapes and not much else. When you’re buying a bottle, be cautious. The term “natural wine” is unregulated so make sure you know what you’re buying before you end up with a cheap bottle of wine. Some of our favorite trustworthy producers of natural wines are Stella di Campalto, Arnot-Roberts, and Van Volxem.


Nothing symbolizes a celebration like a good bottle of bubbly. Not only is this the best tool to make an awesome toast, but also gets any good party going, especially around the holidays. As we hit the peak season for sparkling wines, Diamond Brands has released their new Magnifico Giornata line in the U.S. Made with grapes sourced exclusively from France, Italy, and Spain the lineup includes three flavors: Ginger Peche, Grapefruit Blanc, and Lavender Honey. At only $25.99 we’re excited to try these new flavors without breaking the bank.