Amazon Wine

Today we’re drinking wine and thanks to Amazon it’s coming at a much cheaper price. As more and more wine sellers make their wines available for purchase online, we see both the positive and negative aspects for consumers. On the plus side, wine enthusiasts are able to gain access to a wider selection of wines from around the world. Brands that were originally only available in certain states or areas can now cross state lines, into your home. On the negative side, you’ve got to pay shipping. If you’ve found a rare wine that you’re willing to pay for, it may be worth it – but if it’s a wine you could theoretically find at a local liquor store, you may be better off driving down the street and saving money.


Cue: Amazon’s new 1 cent shipping on select wines.


Amazon Wine has a new shipping program just in time for the holiday season. More than 100 wine sellers have already joined the new program and over 1,000 wine labels are available to ship for only one penny. Amazon anticipates that the program will continue to grow and more wine sellers will jump on board. We think it’s the perfect excuse to give the gift of booze this holiday season at a cheap price. s


With the largest domestic wine selection online, Amazon Wine delivers to 22 states and the District of Columbia. They even have more than 1,000 international wines, including labels from France, Italy, Australia, and other top regions around the world.


Amazon Wine is also offering a “Holiday Daily Deal” for shoppers; each deal is only available for 24 hrs, and there’s a new one every day. If you hit up Amazon Wine today (12/17), you can save 40% if you purchase 6 or more select Pacific Rim Winery bottles. You’ll have to pay shipping on these, but we’ll take any discount on wine we can get.