What were you doing on this day 10 years ago? …school? work? drinking?


Wow, cool.


You know Mark Zuckerberg? He was launching Facebook on February 4, 2004. Somehow whatever you were doing probably doesn’t seem so impressive anymore, huh?


In honor of the king of all social networking websites, we wanted to reflect on 10 ways that Facebook has made drinking better:


1. You were able to avoid a potential dating disaster when a guy or girl you had a crush on was tagged in a picture drinking an awful brand of beer. Ain’t nobody got time for that.


2. With Fan pages, you can talk to your favorite liquor brand any time you want.


3. If you’re at a bar or restaurant and are thoroughly unimpressed with the scene or drink choices, you can just post a status update to find out where other friends are, or get opinions on new bars you should go to.


4. Sponsored ads can be lame, but sometimes they can actually direct you to investigating a new liquor brand, bar, or drinking contraption you wouldn’t have thought to try.


5. You can join a Facebook group filled with people who love drinking just as much as you do.


6. Your Facebook newsfeed is perfect fodder for a drinking game.


7. You used to miss out on fun social gatherings because you weren’t invited, but now when people accidentally create public events on Facebook you just show up anyway, buy the host a drink and hope they don’t remember you weren’t on the guest list.


8. Facebook tells everyone you know when it’s your birthday so they should expect to buy you a drink that night at the bar.


9. You can send friend requests to your favorite bartenders and try to make them like you so much that they give you free drinks.


10. You can get updates about the newest posts on Drinking In America. (Shameless plug)


Happy 10th birthday, Facebook. Cheers to making our drinking world even better.