Love Instagram? Love alcohol? We hope so, because so do we. Here’s a list of our 10 favorite Instagram accounts to quench your thirst until the weekend rolls around.

1. @thebottletrade

BottleTrade is an online network of craft beer enthusiasts who can trade their favorite finds with other members of the community. Their Instagram account features beautiful photos of some of their newest brews as well as some sneak peak shots at the processes that go into making them.

2. @punch_drink

PUNCH is an online magazine featuring news, recipes, and all the alcohol related content in between. They post a variety of beautiful photos and videos that are sure to inspire creations of your own. Only downside is that they don’t post recipes in their captions.

3. @winestyr

This is a young company whose popularity is on the rise. They’re a wine club that offers a finely curated collection of small-production wines, and their Instagram account is worth following to stay in the loop.

4. @goodbeerhunting

Good Beer Hunting is exactly what it sounds like: a collection of craft beer lovers in search for the best and brightest brews in the industry. Their website promises to be “the most beautiful site in beer” and their Instagram proves it. Besides the vast array of craft beer they’ll introduce you to, the guys at Good Beer Hunting put out some insanely beautiful photography.

5. @stirandstrain

Tasty cocktails, beautiful photos, and links to recipes in the captions, what’s not to love? This is a great account to follow if you’re in need of some lifestyle inspiration with a fruity cocktail on the side.


6. @beerliveshere

Beer and music pairings; beer and food pairings; beer without any pairings; this account pretty much does it all. The constant is a new and unique craft brew featured in each post. The photography feels lighthearted and if you’re having a bad day the captions will undoubtedly cheer you up — or at least entertain you until you get home and can crack open a cold one yourself.


7. @bkbeerguy

Cory Smith is a great photographer and a devoted beer lover. He also happens to be a contributor to the previously mentioned Good Beer Hunting. Don’t let the overlap keep you from following though. This account makes beer look sexy.


8. @cocktail_aficionado

Okay. This one is admittedly less about the photography, but stay with me! Every post features a hand-crafted cocktail with all the ingredients pictured and the recipe in the caption. Every time. If you love mixology then this is the perfect account to get your juices —and your drinks—flowing.

cocktail aficianado

9. @brottle

Cocktails in a bottle for cocktails on the go. A wonderful collection of recipes you can bottle and save for later or bring with you to a friends house. This is a great one to inspire your next batched drink idea.


10. @louiebaton

For those looking to add some humor to their feeds, look into @louiebaton. He creates quirky photos of craft beers and Lego figurines paired with cheeky captions. Overall, a funny account helmed by a guy you probably want to be friends with.

louie baton