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Being young wild and free has its perks. Getting paid $30K a year isn’t one of them. Especially if you live in one of the U.S.’s most overpriced, yet glamorous cities: New York City. The romance of living in Brooklyn or Harlem with three other people is certainly tempting, and can often be worth the slight discomfort and dust bunnies in your wallet. But, when Friday night rolls around and you have a cool twenty bucks to your name, the FOMO caused by staying in can be close to unbearable. Well poor new yorker, we bring you hope. The following are, in our humble opinion, the best ~cheap~ bars throughout this fine city. Go forth and drink reasonably-priced alcohol.

Alamedaimage Found in Greenpoint, the neighborhood that has become known as the home of TV show Girls, this bar is stunningly beautiful, yet perfect for your everyday hang.
Barcadeimage (1) Arcade meets Bar = Barcade. Who wouldn’t want to booze while they’re playing an ambiguous game of “Shoot That Bad Guy”? Head over to Williamsburg for this gem.
Bohemian Hall and Beer Gardenimage (2) This more-than-a-century-old bar is perfect for any large group of people who want to bond over a pint. The authentic Czech atmosphere nestled in Astoria is a great find.
The Brooklyn Innimage (3) Another historical joint in Boerum Hill is welcome to serious drinkers who’d like to come from near and far. Pull up a stool and hope to see some ghosts.
McSorley’s Old Ale Houseimage (4) Visiting this pub makes life easier; they have only two beers to offer. Since they opened their doors in 1856, McSorley’s Dark Ale and McSorley’s Light Ale have thrilled customers.
Molly’s Pub and Shebeenimage (5) Another Irish joint in Midtown, Molly’s is perfect for beer and whiskey drinkers. And while you’re at it, practice your Irish accent with any of the many native speakers who tend the bar.
Nitecapimage (6) Although there is definitely some hype surrounding the entrance of this trendy Lower East Side bar, it’s worth it. Try out any one of their many house cocktails.
Old Town Bar & Grillimage (7) This bar is for two types of people: people who love to drink, and people who love to eat. Make this Flatiron joint your next habit and you won’t regret it.
Pete’s Tavernimage (8)  After centuries in the Gramercy neighborhood, this tavern has become an institution. With a mix of locals and tourists saddled up to the bar, Pete’s always has something going on.
Sunny’simage (9) Don’t judge a book by its cover. This unassuming bar is way more than meets the eye. Join in on the young bohemian crowd with a PBR in hand and rejoice over being American.
Images via TimeOut