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Drinkin’ Around the World

Cocktails / March 30, 2017 / No Comments.

giphyWho doesn’t want to travel? Explore new cultures, new cuisines, and most importantly new cocktails. These world famous cities don’t have cocktails named after them for nothing…

Singapore Sling
Cherry Heering, Gin, benedictine, and lime. Let Singapore come to you.

The Parisian
Paris Isn’t the only thing that holds the key to our hearts. We’ve made a love connection with this vermouth forward cocktail with gin and creme de cassis.

Moscow Mule
The Moscow Mule unfortunately wasn’t created in Moscow, but its inventor was a native so that’s good enough for us.

Boston Rum Punch
We’re going to be a little biased with this one (we’re based in Boston)… but with ingredients including lemonade, rum and nutmeg, this cocktail is just as great as the city it’s named after.

Fun to say, fun to drink. This cocktail containing, Campari, sweet vermouth, and club soda was first served in creator Gaspare Campari’s bar, Caffe Campari, in the 1860’s.

London Frog
The green hint the absinthe brings to this cocktail makes it almost too beautiful to drink. Just almost.

Aspen Crud
You always need at least one delicious boozy milkshake on the list. And all you need to do is blend a few scoops of vanilla ice cream with a few shots of Bourbon.

Osaka Dry
A classy, refreshing twist on the classic martini. Pickled plum, vodka and sake. Yum.


Her Shot: Get To Know Chardonnay

Her Shot / December 4, 2016 / No Comments.

giphyLet’s start off with why everyone should learn more about chardonnay: it’s everywhere. Literally. Planes, weddings, work events, Applebee’s; you name it, they serve it. Despite having a bad wrap as a crappy white wine, chard was very popular in the ’80s and ’90s. That’s when the “chard boom” began, infiltrating the wine market. We’re here to end chard’s bad rep.

So let’s keep an open mind here, people. What has chardonnay ever done to you? Look past the ripping headache it gives you the next morning. (Let’s face it- no matter what kind of wine you drink, if it’s under $15, you’re going to be feeling it tomorrow). Here are some interesting facts about the infamous white wine:

1) The chardonnay has been produced for centuries, but it really made headlines when a California chard beat a French one in the 1976 Judgement in Paris. That made the plantings in Cali skyrocket by 1,000%. Currently 40k acres worldwide grow the specific grape. Chard ain’t going anywhere fast.

2) Chardonnay is one of the grapes used in champagne. You can even get a bubbly that is 100% chardonnay (called blanc de blanc). We’re willing to give it a try this NYE.

3) This wine is popular among celebrities. It’s a favorite of Alanis Morissete, Jeff Gordon and Kurt Russell. Isn’t it ironic? And if that isn’t enough to win you over- chardonnay has its own branded bottles from shows like Downtown Abbey and Duck Dynasty.

4) Pinto is part of chardonnay’s family tree. DNA testing has confirmed that there are pinot vines in one of chard’s parents. #FamGoals

5) It can be very expensive. Four out of the five most expensive bottles of white wine ever sold were all made from chardonnay. All came from the France’s Burgundy region, chard’s birthplace, and the prices ranged from $1,000 to $6,000 per bottle. We don’t recommend ordering this on the first date.

Next time you’re walking down the wine aisle, give chardonnay a chance. We think you might actually love it.


5 Reasons to Drink This Weekend

5 Reasons To Drink This Weekend / November 11, 2016 / No Comments.

http-mashable-com-wp-content-gallery-thank-gif-its-friday-byeThis week was a special one given the election, whether you’re happy about the results or have already booked your plane ticket to Canada. But for now, we can can focus on the fact that it’s Friday. In case you need more excuses to get your booze groove on, don’t worry, we’ve got your back.

  1. Donald Trump was elected the United States 45th President. Drinking is what’s recommended for both those celebrating the Republican victory and those drowning their Democratic fears and sorrows. For the next 47 days, we still have Obama and we’ll drink to that!
  2. It’s Veterans Day. No matter what your political affiliation is, those who go out and fight for our country deserve not only our respect and admiration but also a toast to their lives and success.
  3. Weed was legalized in Massachusetts, California and Nevada. We know this can be a sensitive issue to some but Vegas is already crazy, marijuana was already a currency on the West coast and Mass is going to make a cash load on tax. So drink up and celebrate that if nothing else!
  4. One year ago, the Paris attacks happened and changed the world. It’s a nice gesture to celebrate the lives of those who survived and remember those who didn’t. France has since become stronger than ever. Cheers to keeping the peace!
  5. Leonard Cohen died at the age of 82. The Canadian singer-songwriter of “Hallelujah” and “Suzanne” passed away this morning. His songs impacts the lives of multiple generations and his words will live on forever. #RIP


Booze News Weekly

Booze News Weekly / May 11, 2016 / No Comments.

Do you ever find yourself bored with your go-to booze? When you’ve grown tired of that mundane drink order, we’ll be here to talk you through what’s new and noteworthy this week:

Screen-Shot-2016-05-10-at-13.59.382Stop and smell the gin: Simon Fairclough plans to roll out three different styles of Persie gin from a distillery at the foot of Glenshee in Scotland. Both gins focus on the profiles most popular with more than 3,000 gin-lovers involved in tastings. Each gin is made using carefully chosen botanicals that evoke an emotive and comforting scent.

Drink to a cause: The American rock band, Eagles of Death Metal, who played Le Bataclan in Paris last November, is using beer to raise money for the families of the 130 people killed in the terrorist attack. The brand has partnered with a Canadian brewery to launch this new beer, reports the National Post, and a dollar of each bottle sold goes to the charity, The Sweet Stuff Foundation. Ontario’s Manantler Brewing Company will produce the beer, dubbed Boots Electric India Pale Ale. Its run sold out shortly after debuting last week for Eagles of Death Metal’s shows in the area, but keep your eyes peeled for a restock.

Grab some fun in the sun and the sip: Black Tower launched two special-edition bottle designs, available on two of its most popular wines sold in the UK. Available starting in June, Black Tower’s fruity white will be fun in the sun with its beach hut design, while starting in August, Black Tower rosé will don a colorful abstract sunset design using a palette of summer colors. Brand owner Reh Kendermann hopes the eye-catching designs will stand out from the crowd to consumers longing for warmer weather.

British bonding may be the key to success: Wild Knight ultra-premium English vodka has teamed up with independent British wine and spirit merchant Hammonds of Knutsford to expand the brand’s reach, just three months after launching. Distribution in the on-and-off-trade is a key strategy for the success of Wild Knight vodka, so a partnership with wines and spirits wholesaler Hammonds of Knutsford will act as “a great step for the brand.”