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Get With the Craft Beer Week Lingo!

Beer / May 15, 2015 / No Comments.


It’s all about the craft beer this week. Our great nation has seen a craft beer boom over the past few years with more than 2,700 craft breweries currently operating across the US. Now we even have an entire week dedicated to celebrating craft deliciousness! Starting this past Monday, all of our beer enthusiasts celebrated American Craft Beer week with one another, thanking the beer gods that Budweiser is no longer the only option on draft (not that there’s anything wrong with that!).

For those of us that love a good craft brew every now and then, you may sometimes feel lost in conversation with hardcore folks who have an entire cellar full of growlers with clever, pun intended names. In honor of the week’s festivities OC Weekly brought to our attention 5 buzz words craft brew lovers use frequently in their beer talk. Getting to know this lingo will only make you look like that much more of a pro this weekend when you’re sipping on a craft brew, so listen up!

Whalez: A limited release craft beer that is extremely difficult to find. Craft beer fanatics seek out “Whalez” in a search similar to Captain Ahab’s search for the great Moby Dick, which is where the term originated.

Shelf Turd: A beer on the opposite spectrum of a whale is considered to be a shelf turd. If a brew is readily available at every liquor store on the block, craft beer snobs will tend to turn their noses up at it, referring to the peasant’s drink of choice as a “Shelf Turd”

Ticks: Similar to a check mark, “ticking” refers to the action taken when one of the whalez on a craft beer lovers list is finally obtained. We can only assume how rewarding it must feel to tick a beer you’ve been tracking down for months off your list!

Cellaring: This term must sounds familiar to all you winos out there. Believe it or not craft beer lovers will also let their rare brews age for a few months before cracking them open to enjoy. Cellaring beer is definitely for those who have a great deal of patience; because we know we would just be too excited to wait.

Tonez: Fruity, hoppy, sour, and floral are all adjectives we frequently use to describe the favor of our beer, and in the world of craft brewing they are also referred to as “tonez.” Much like the “note” and ”hints” of different flavors we detect in our wine, craft beer lovers like to set themselves apart from the rest by calling out all the hoppy or citrus tonez they’re digging in a new brew.


Cheers – It’s American Craft Beer Week

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There’s nothing more American than apple pie, reality TV, and our personal favorite, craft beer. Craft breweries represent small, hard-working business owners that have translated their love for beer into a dream job. They add personality to the beer world with interesting ingredients, creative names, and the type of care and attention to detail that bigger brew companies just don’t always bring to the table.

To celebrate their commitment to making our world a better place to drink in, May 12-18, 2014 has been named as the annual American Craft Beer Week.

There are various celebrations happening all around the country this week, so be sure to look for one near you. Some events include:

  • ‘Across America’ Craft Beer Sampler in Savage, MD at Rams Head Tavern Savage Mill
  • Seminar in Lawrence, KS at Free State Brewing Co., ‘What’s That Smell?: Sensory Analysis of Beer Flavors Both Favored and Flawed’
  • Different events happening every day at Dogfish Head Brewery in Milton, DE: sales on different craft beers, tours, and free gifts
  • A ‘Tipsy Trolley Tap Tour’ through downtown Billings, MT with stops at Montana Brewing Company, Yellowstone Valley Brewing Company, Angry Hank’s, Himmelberger Brewing, Carter’s Brewing and Canyon Creek Brewing.
  • Crazy Mountain Brewery in Edwards, CO is hosting their first ever ‘Beerlympics’ with a different event every night this week. There are also nightly drink specials and prizes.

Check out the full list of events on CraftBeer.com

You can also have a little fun by printing out and signing ‘The Declaration of Beer Independence.‘ An important part of American Craft Beer Week since 2009, it has been signed and shared by tens and thousands of beer lovers who have pledged their commitment to a growing craft beer movement.